Ash Wednesday Mass Signals Start of Lent

Today is Ash Wednesday. As we celebrated Mass today, we were reminded that we are entering a time of preparation to celebrate the Easter Mysteries. Lent is a time of observance and personal discipline to help us restore relationships, and live the life we are called by God to live. We will mark this observance with a cross upon our foreheads signed with ashes.

Lent calls us to give a little of ourselves to others, to spend a little time in prayer and to build our relationship with God. We are challenged to make small sacrifices for the benefit of others and to give what we can to those in need.

During Lent, the next six weeks leading to the celebration of the Easter Mysteries, a bell will be rung each day at the start of Period 5. Classes will stop and will together pray the Angelus, a beautiful prayer that recalls many of the beliefs we hold dear in our faith. We are reminded of Jesus’ birth, of Mary’s yes to God, and that Jesus came to live among us to bring about our salvation. May this Lent be a time for reconnecting, growing closer together and of blessing to others.