To report a student’s absence from school please do so via the Aquinas App or by phoning the 24-hour Absentee Line on 543-2400 Extension 1. It is essential that the school is notified when a student is away, late or leaving early due to illness or appointments. Students arriving late must sign in at the Office.

If a student is to leave with another parent please provide written or verbal consent. Email the office at admin@aquinas.school.nz.

Download the Aquinas App here:

Contacting Students
Due to Aquinas’ mobile-free policy, parents wishing to contact students during the school day should do so only through the School Office. It is not acceptable to phone or text students during class time. Please note that we are unable to deliver messages to students during first and second break or after 3.00 p.m.

First Aid
Students feeling unwell may only go home with school and parental permission. Students are not permitted to text or phone parents themselves but must go to the Office which will then contact caregivers. All visitors must report to the School Office on arrival.

Extended Absence
If your child will be absent for more than three days please email the Principal at principal@aquinas.school.nz. This is a Ministry of Education requirement.