AC Students Among the Top Scholars in NZ

STOP THE PRESSES!!! Aquinas students have gained an astounding 20 New Zealand Scholarships, NZ’s highest academic honour for secondary students. The achievement shatters previous AC records and is even more remarkable given the small size of our school (750 students).

The results were released by NZQA this morning. Aquinas’ 20 scholarships were split between just 11 students, four of them achieving multiple awards each.

Myscha Barry, the 2023 Dux, gained an impressive five scholarships including an outstanding in Biology (achieved by just the top 0.3 per cent of candidates). Eric Shin, who was in Year 12 when he sat the exams, received four scholarships. (Separate posts to follow.) Two Year 11 students attained scholarship passes.

The Aquinas scholarships were awarded across six subjects: Biology (four), Mathematics with Statistics (three), and two each in Photography, Mathematics with Calculus, Chemistry and Religious Studies, and one in Painting, English, Economics, Health & Physical education and Physics.

New Zealand Scholarships are awarded to the top three per cent of NZ candidates in each subject. Students elect to sit the assessments on top of their regular NCEA workload. Last year, 2069 students achieved one or more scholarships across 37 subjects.

“We couldn’t be more proud of our students who have attained these outstanding results, and we equally laud the teachers whose adept guidance was instrumental in this success,” said Aquinas Principal Matt Dalton.

“This achievement is a narrative of tireless dedication of our young people, high-calibre teaching, and an educational environment that cultivates academic excellence.”

The results bolster Aquinas’ sensational 2023 NCEA results.

Congratulations to all of our Scholarship recipients and the teachers who worked tirelessly to support them. AC Pride!!