Savvy Aquinas Sharemarket Traders Top NZ

Belated congratulations to Commerce and Economic students Otis Jones and Connor Reid who won $500 as the top-ranked NZ syndicate in the ASX Schools Sharemarket game.

The Year 11 students were passionately engaged in share trading, taking their $50,000 in virtual cash and making $54,266. Over 20,000 syndicates across Australia and NZ participated in the online game, buying and selling shares based on real-time market conditions over eight weeks.

Otis and Connor’s ‘Top Guns’ syndicate finished number one in NZ.

“After choosing these companies, we sunk in the first week to a low of $48,000 but we held and did not sell. Within a few weeks, most of our stocks had turned green. We didn’t change our strategy from this point,” the boys said.

Their shrewd investments include cloud accounting company Xero, Gold exploration company Emerald Resources and the National Australia Bank.