Pastoral Care

We strive to help students realise their true potential in an inspiring, supportive and caring learning environment.

Students’ pastoral care needs are overseen by the Middle School and Senior School Assistant Principals for Pastoral Care. They are aided by year-level deans and mentor teachers. This core group is further supported by classroom teachers, peer mentors, student leaders, learning support staff, and the school’s two guidance counsellors.

When dealing with issues, we use a restorative practice approach to uphold the mana and dignity of every individual while working to build, maintain, restore and sustain relationships in a safe environment.

Pastoral Assistance

Pastoral care is a cornerstone of the Aquinas ethos. Since its foundation, Aquinas has prioritised student welfare and the support of needy families.

A portion of each school donation helps students in need — ensuring they can attend school trips, take part in sports teams or receive a school uniform. The funding also helps Aquinas families experiencing hardship. If you require assistance, we are here to help.

Please contact our Finance Office on Ph 07 543 2400 extn 205.

Counselling Support

With young people experiencing more pressure than ever, Aquinas is fortunate to have two on-site counsellors to respond to students’ well-being needs. This staffing commitment significantly exceeds our government funding but we view it as an essential investment in the health of our students.

Guidance counselling supports a young person to make sense of their world, and identify the problem and the desired solution. Our counselling practise is guided by Te Whare Tapa Wha, a Māori model of health. We believe this gives value to the whole person and looks at health in all five areas of well-being.

Need to Talk?

Aquinas is fortunate to have the specialist services of counsellors Kristen Gilbert and Alan Syme. Students can make appointments by contacting a counsellor, submitting the online form below, or filling out a yellow slip, which can be found in the student office and posted in the confidential silver box.

Kristen Gilbert

Kristen is on-site Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Alan Syme

Alan is on-site Monday through Friday

Parent Referral

A parent can refer their child for counselling, with the student’s consent. We do not call any student for counselling who does not know why they are there. Please have the courage to chat with your child about your concerns and how professional help could be useful.

Staff Referral

Staff often notice when something is not okay with a student, and can refer them for counselling (with the student’s consent). Our teachers are trained in how to broach this with students. 

Medical/Healthcare Service

Free GP Service:
Aquinas has free on-site doctor visits for students Years 9 and older. From 9.00 a.m. until 11.00 a.m each Thursday, the doctor is located in our Wellness Centre — but appointments must be booked via the Nurse through the school office.

The confidential GP service is funded by the BOP District Health Board and caters to all medical needs.

Please be aware that our doctor does not have access to student’s personal medical records, so some treatment for ongoing medical conditions may be best continued at their enrolled GP.

Nurse & Physiotherapy Consultations

Nurse Consultations

A qualified nurse is on-site all day each Tuesday and Thursday. Nurse consultations are free. To book an appointment, please call 07 543 2400 extn 231 or email the nurse at

Physiotherapy Service

Aquinas students have the services of an on-site physio. Marike Sonneveld is available for appointments each Monday from 8.00 a.m. until midday and Thursdays from 12.00 p.m. until 3.30 p.m. Book an appointment at the Wellness Centre or phone Bay Physiotherapy Centre on 578-9798 or This is not a free service, however, an ACC subsidy may apply if the injury was caused by an accident.