Students usually have the same Mentor teacher throughout their Aquinas journey which helps forge a strong student-teacher connection. Students meet with their Mentor teacher and class three times a week. Topics discussed vary between year levels and aim to help students flourish, develop resilience and life skills. Areas of focus include — but are not limited to — healthy lifestyles, coping with stress, study skills, developing healthy relationships and Future Pathway planning.

Aquinas also has two student-led mentoring programmes to help new or struggling students. Our Peer Support programme partners Year 7 students with Year 11 leaders for a six-week week introduction to life at Aquinas. They meet throughout Term 1 to form friendships and learn about the culture of our college, culminating in a Grand Finale day of fun outdoor activities.

Year 12 Atawhai Mentors are trained by staff in basic counselling and mediation skills to work with students struggling with friends, home life or stress, and who could benefit from having a senior student to talk to.