International Fees

Tuition Fees: Cover all Ministry of Education taxes and levies, the Diocese of Hamilton dues, and all costs associated with Teaching and Learning. In addition to this, there are Government and Diocese taxes and Administration fees to pay.

Course Fees: Cover all the compulsory course-related expenses for each subject. This includes textbooks, trips and resources. Please note, Outdoor Education incurs a surcharge of $200 per term due to the multiple trips and outdoor activities students take part in.

Accommodation Fees: Cover the expenses of staying with a host family. The family provides three meals per day, a single room, heating/cooling, laundry, transport, and care and supervision of the student.

Catholic Scholarship

Each year, Aquinas College offers a scholarship to one Catholic International Student. The scholarship is worth 50 per cent of the tuition fee for a full year of enrolment.

Scholarship Application Form