International Enrolment

To enrol, read the steps outlined below and complete the online enrolment form.

Please contact Director of International Students Leanne Dragovich at or by phone 07 543 2400 extn 208 or Erin Nicholson at 07 543 2400 extn 281 if you have any questions. We are here to help you.

Download our prospectus, view our enrolment video and read our orientation booklet.

Complete and submit the online application form.

Once your application is approved, you will receive an Invoice and an Offer of Place letter. Once the invoice is paid, you will receive a receipt and Confirmed Offer of Place. This is needed to apply for your Study Visa.

Apply for your Study Visa via your agent or directly through the NZ Immigration website. There are different Visa options depending on your country of origin — Student Visa, a Visitor Visa or a Working Holiday Visa. Read more about the right visa for you here.

Apply for Medical and Travel Insurance, then send us your policy details (translated into English.)

Once you receive your Visa go ahead and book your flights to NZ!

Additional Enrolment Information

It is important that you include all relevant student information in the application. This ensures that the student is adequately supported upon arrival and is matched with suitable homestays, teachers and educational courses.

Please provide full and correct information relating to health issues and learning needs. Failure to disclose information or provide misleading information may result in an Offer of Place withdrawal or termination of the Contract of Enrolment.

You will need scanned copies of the following documents to complete your application.

  • Student’s current passport
  • Student’s photo
  • Student’s last school report (translated into English)
  • Student’s Vaccination Certificate
  • Student’s Insurance Certificate (translated into English)

Before signing the Contract of Enrolment we recommend you seek independent advice from an Education Agent or Immigration Advisor.

If you hold a New Zealand passport or your Visa status changes, you may be able to enrol as a domestic student. Domestic enrolment preference is given to students or families with an established Catholic connection. To establish this, a Preference of Enrolment Certificate must be obtained from your Parish Priest and the student must meet certain criteria. Non-Preference (or non-Catholic) families are welcome to enrol their child at Aquinas College. However, the Non-Preference roll is very competitive and the number accepted depends on the number of Preference applications received. Click here for domestic enrolment: